Lunch with Friends from Djeco


[tag] tea party [/tag] scene “Lunch With Friends” from Djeco is so adorable! My little one just loves to pretend play with hers, and she has had great fun with the neighbor kids over for their “tea party” too. Very engaging, very sweet!

A safe alternative to plastic, this charming set is made of solid wood and includes a round yellow table, a teapot, 2 cups and saucers, 2 pink cute flower napkin holders and 2 yellow napkins, 2 forks and knives with pink flowers at the end and 2 rolls.

The Pleasure of

[tag] Pretend Play [/tag]

My daughter even puts the cloth napkin on her lap, and delights in pouring everyone their tea. She will even walk around the room to make sure everyone has enough. The color scheme of this set is playful and cheery. Sure to brighten up anyone’s day. A beautiful

[tag] wooden tea set [/tag]!

Measurements: table diameter approx 11 inches, teapot: height 3 x diameter 2 inches, saucers diameter approx 4 inches, forks/knives length approx 4 inches, cups approx height 2 x diameter 1.5 inches

Made in China and available at On sale now for $48.99!

What a delightful way to play. A

[tag]safe and non-toxic toy[/tag], recommended for ages 4+.

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Wooden Table Set Lunch With Friends from Djeco