When I had my baby bath time was fun, but was time consuming and sometimes could be a chore since I usually got into the full size tub with my little infant.  I thought having her close to me would make her feel safe, which I’m sure did somewhat, but look at this: Tummy Tub®, developed and recommended for more than 10 years by doctors, mid-wives, children’s nurses and psychologists, makes the experience of bath time safe, secure and comfortable for premature babies, infants, and very young children.

The tub itself is made from Polypropylene.  TummyTub® has the Rhineland Germany TÃœV safety certificate additional tested by the STR.  With over 100,000 inspections and tests carried out on toys/baby products every year, TÃœV Rheinland is one of the world’s leading toy inspection agencies.  The tests carried out include chemical, as well as physical inspections. And, the entire production and supply chain can also be tested with regard to sustainable use of resources, labor conditions and social standards.  This seal ensures that TUMMY TUB is PVC-free, BPA-free, lead free and phthalate free!

Our mom testers enjoyed the experience of bathing their babies with this safe alternative tub and we are proud to announce that Tummy Tub has just been awarded our very prestigious EXCELLENCE AWARD!  Read on to find out why we highly recommend this tub and think it is a perfect baby shower gift too.

Respectable Facts about Tummy Tub Baby Bath Bucket

  • Especially recommended for premature babies. The shaped form conveys a feeling of reassurance and security to the baby.
  • Due to the minimal surface area the water temperature remains in the baby’s comfort range for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Helps relieve colic.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Uses less water and saves more energy than conventional baby tubs.
  • The clear Polypropylene allows easy viewing of your baby.
  • Tummy Tub is the “original” upright baby bath tub!

And just in case you were wondering if you could use a household bucket to bathe your babe instead…. A household bucket is not designed, and the overall shape is not suitable for bathing babies safely.

Excellence Seal Of Approval Award

Tummy Tub® wins our Mom Approved – Child Tested’ Excellence Seal of Approval Award!

Search for a baby bath tub and for the most part what you will find is not a refreshing experience.  There is nothing clean about PVC, vinyl, BPA and even lead (all of these being additives that have been found to be hiding in common baby tubs!).  These chemicals leach from plastic and are known endocrine disruptors and harmful to our little one’s nervous and immune systems.  The thought of steeping our babies in these tubs is not a good idea.

THANKFULLY…Tummy Tub offers this fantastic baby bath tub which is an excellent SAFE ALTERNATIVE, made of non-leaching Polypropylene!  Our mom testers who used this product said they would definitely recommend it to friends and the reassurance that the tub is a safe plastic makes them happy.

Following the simple tips mentioned on Tummy Tub’s website gives you everything you need to know to have a wonderful bathing experience for both parent and baby.  As one of our testers mentioned, “When I used the tummy tub for the first time on my 4 month old, he seemed to really enjoy the upright position. I had applied soap directly into the water and he became very slippery and it was difficult to hang on to him. After reviewing the Q&A on the tummy tub site I tried what they suggested which was to not put soap directly into the water but rather wash them from the head down. I found it to be significantly less slippery for my little guy and we both enjoyed the experience.”

Another mama stated, It’s great to use for your newborn. My baby never cried in this tub and he seemed so comfortable!   I like that it was easy to get his whole body washed in a short time without the water or my baby getting cold.”

Another feature we have to rave about with Tummy Tub is that they don’t use any packaging!  What an eco-fabulous idea!  There is a label on the tub and that is it.  Safe for baby, safe for Mother Earth too!

Important: Never leave your baby unattended whilst in the TummyTub®! You must always be there to give support and reassurance!

Relieving Colic Naturally

If your baby is experiencing colic you must know this tip!   TummyTub® helps with wind/colic!    First you should massage your baby’s tummy with some oil in a clockwise direction. Then give your baby a relaxing bath in the TummyTub®. This will help to relieve any pain and the position of the baby’s legs and feet in the tub help to relieve gas and wind.

Purchasing A Safe Baby Bath

The TummyTub is a true safe alternative to the standard baby bath tub and may be used up to 2 years of age yet most suitable for babies.  It is completely toxin, BPA, PVC, and lead free, and made of the highest quality polypropylene which is fully recyclable.  It has passed safety testing worldwide and there have been no reported accidents or injuries since it’s debut in 1996.  Millions of babies around the world love the TummyTub!

Tummy Tub retails for $42 and can be purchased on-line here.