This PVC, phthalate, latex, BPA and lead free teething toy from Smart Mom is truly a smart invention.  Practical, a safe alternative to plastic chew toys (and a safe alternative to chewing on metal and beaded jewelry) and stylish!

Yep, stylish!  This chew toy doubles as a fun necklace for mom, and a teething toy for baby.  Teething Bling®, this trendy teething jewelry, was inspired by babies who like to tug on women’s jewelry.

And any mom can tell you, from experience of babies pulling and mouthing their jewelry, that this is an ingenious idea!

A Very Convenient, Non-toxic Chew Toy For Baby

I can’t even count all the times I wish I had this playful necklace when my babe was cutting teeth!  Being a mother, our hands are always full!  Really, if we miraculously grew another arm, we still would be short a few.

The convenience of having this safe teething toy dangling beautifully around our necks is simply fabulous!  No fussing to find a clean toy, no needing more hands to help in the hunt.  When your little one need to chew, and chew NOW, voila….. here you go baby!  Safe, effective and efficient.   A mama’s answered prayer, draped beautifully around her neck.

We additionally love that, although this adult jewelry is not intended for children to wear, all of the pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature!  Smart Mom’s necklaces also are CE marking approved!

Soothing for baby, stlyish for all occasions, and even dishwasher-friendly!  The high-grade silicone, donut and heart-shaped pendants hangs so beautifully on this irresistible necklace.  Good thing they come in many designs and colors!

Smart Mom’s Silicone Teether

Any mother is sure to fall in love with this pretty necklace.  What a charming baby shower gift!

This trendy necklace is a gift for both mama, and baby!

Each necklace sells for $19.10 at Smart Mom.