Oh the uses a mommy will find for these PVC-free and lead-free wet and wet/dry bags by Planet Wise. Not only are they completely waterproof, even at the seams, but they are wonderfully crafted in the USA!

PVC or vinyl often lines bags that are meant to be waterproof (such as diaper bags.) But, not only is PVC incredibly toxic, it also can NOT be recycled, making it an environmental toxin too. Not cool.

Thanks goodness these stylish wet bags from Planet Wise are totally cool, economical, and made by a eco-conscious husband and wife team in the USA.

Also, did you know that many zippers have been pained using paint that contains lead? Yikes! Well, not here. All zippers in Planet Wise’s eco-line of bags are lead free too!

Being a seamstress myself I am always impressed and happy when I see handmade work done with real quality.

Hanging Wet/Dry Bag for Cloth Diapers and more…

I especially love the practical hanging wet/dry bag with 2 zippers and 2 handles. The handles are the perfect size to hang from a door knob or changing table, yet still large enough to put over your shoulder and carry comfortably.

There is even a front pocket that keeps the dry stuff dry and clean. So, whether you are carrying something clean/dry AND wet, dirty or stinky, this dry bag does it with class.

These wet/dry bags also work wonderfully as a stylish way to keep wet swim suits and towels in their own compartment  and book/magazines in the dry side pocket after the beach or pool, I just love that!

It’s the perfect bag to store clean cloth diapers in the dry compartment and dirty soiled diapers in the wet one, especially great when traveling.

And yet another favorite use for this bag, dirty laundry! Not even 3 years old yet, my daughter knows right where to put her dirty laundry. “On the pretty bag hanging from her door.”

Eco-Friendly Wet Bags With Versatility

All bags are reusable and have been designed to replace disposable items, helping to reduce waste that ends up in the landfills. Thanks Planet Wise!

We also appreciate that our Planet Wise bags will come in handy for many years to come. Starting off by keeping soiled cloth diapers stink free, eventually being useful for potty training accidents, and my favorite use right now…..beach days!

If your a mama who goes to the gym, you may even find yourself using your babe’s wet bag as a way to keep your sweaty work-out clothing separated from everything else in your gym bag too. Really, the uses for these adorable bags are endless, and they come in smaller sizes (wet bags ) and larger wet/dry bags you can hang, so find the size that fits your needs the best. You’ll be glad you did!

Planet Wise Waterproof Bags With Style

All bags are made with a high quality 100% cotton outer material and a waterproof inner material. Each zipper coordinates with the designer flow and the entire bag comes together first class!

Also loving that they wash up really really easy. Just throw them in the load with everything else. Hang dry if you are being truly earth friendly, or dry them in your machine just the same. Just no bleach please.

A Unique Way To Waterproof Each Bag

Since we don’t want bags that leak or wick, we love Planet Wise Wet Bags. After a lot of research, they have discovered “an innovative way to seal the seams so no liquid can escape, even if you put water in the bag and squeeze.” Yes, I did try this.

Even after having washed the bag numerous times, still waterproof at the seams. There was some (minimal) leeching of the water onto the outer layer, and the water will come out of the zipper area, but for filling my bag with water and squeezing at the seams, I was pretty impressed!

By the way, I have never had leeching of water onto the outer layer with everyday use and beach day use with wet suits and towels.

Coupon Code For Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags

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Planet Wise’s Wet/Dry Bag with snap handle (Size: 13″x16″,holds approx 8-9 cloth diapers and retails at $21.95) and the Hanging Wet/Dry bag with 2 handles (Size: 16.5″x27″, holds approx. 20-24 cloth diapers and retails at $29.95) are available here.