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Badger Baby SunblockIsn’t it so amazing? A baby’s skin is so soft and flawless.

Sometimes I have a little freak-out moment when I see our faces side-by-side in the mirror. Wow, my skin just isn’t as new as it use to be! I can live with that though, as long as I can enjoy the soft, smooth milky-white skin of my baby girls for years to come.

So, in an effort to keep her skin safe and beautiful I use [tag] chemical-free sunblock [/tag] on her every time we go outside to play. The sun is out in full force here in Southern California. Not only that, but the radiation from the sun is in full spectrum too.

As a parent, these are the days that we can help our children reduce their strength of exposure and time exposed. Two major factors in future skin damage! Imagine over the long haul, if you use a safe sun block consistently, how much you will be helping your baby’s future skin health.

Safe, Chemical-Free Sunblock for Baby

There are plenty of ingredients in sunblocks that are very toxic. Did you know this? What you are using on your baby right now to protect her may be doing more harm than good! Unbelievable, we know. But this is scary stuff. Remember, these ingredients are NOT regulated by the FDA, and it is our responsibility as parents to know what we are rubbing into their bodies.

We believe it is every parent’s wish to keep our baby’s safe. So, please know what exactly is in your [tag] baby’s sunblock [/tag]. Read our full article, “Your Baby’s Sun Block May Be Giving You A False Sense of Security

Why We Like [tag] Badger All Natural Sunblock [/tag]

Here is a list of reasons why we use Badger All Natural Sunblock:

  1. It provides [tag] Full UV Protection [/tag] with a 30 SPF
  2. Chemical-free
  3. Rubs on nicely
  4. Has a good consistency, it is not too thick
  5. Leaves skin feeling good

We have tried plenty sunblocks in the pursuit of finding the perfect one for our babies. Either they are too thick and leave you feeling like you are wrapped in saran wrap, they leave you super white, or they are ridden with chemicals. Badger All Natural Sun Block for Face and Body is just perfect for our 2 year olds.

You can order the sunblock directly at for $ 16.00 (2.9 oz. tube)