I didn’t know anything about swaddling when I had my first baby, but after watching the Happiest Baby on the Block and trying it out, swaddling our little girl was the easiest way to get her to sleep peacefully.  Not to mention, swaddling can help relieve colic and helps an infant to feel safe, as if still snug in mama’s womb.

I was not happy though with the heavy cotton receiving blankets I bought, I was constantly afraid my baby would overheat and checked on her often.

Additionally, most conventional receiving/swaddling blankets contain harmful dyes, formaldehyde, synthetics (like polyester) and fire retardants.  If you choose a Certified Organic Cotton Swaddle however, you can be certain that what is blanketing your little one’s brand new skin (and nervous system) is 100% pure goodness.

Editor’s Note:  Solana Baby Wear is no longer in business. However, we now have GOTS certified organic blankets for swaddling in The SafBaby Shop.

‘Stretch Organic’ by Solana Baby Wear

The swaddle blanket ‘Stretch Organic’ by Solana Baby Wear is made of super soft and breathable organic cotton. The ‘give’ and ‘stretch’ of this swaddling blanket is perfect for the tightest ‘burrito’ wrap – perfect for big wigglers!  We also like the size of this blanket 45″x45″.   Perfect for a parent whom has never swaddled before too!

Not only are these essential blankets printed and handmade in the USA, but additionally the blankets are certified by GOTS, which means free of any harmful dyes and formaldehyde.

Solana Wear’s swaddling blankets are available online for $35.95 at Solanababywear.com.   They also come in 100% organic sheer, which is translucent, breathable and ideal during spring and summer. Use ‘safbaby’ to receive 15% off entire order through May 31, 2009.

When your baby outgrows the blanket, you can use it as a stroller cover, blanket for bed/car/park.  Baby’s find much comfort in having something that truly belongs to them.  For some kids it is a stuffed animal, others their favorite “woobie.”  This Organic Blanket by Solana Baby Wear is a keeper!