bummiscottondiaperkit_bmprd_lfBummis Organic Cloth Diaper Kit offers a parent everything you need to get started diapering their baby in a more eco-friendly way!   This kit is supreme, stupendous, ingenious and darn right put together with the finest of materials and durability.  The kits come in 2 sizes and includes prefold inserts, 2 different types of diaper covers, flushable diaper liners, fleece liners to wick away moisture, a wet bag for storage of dirty diapers and a user guide!

I personally chose cloth diapers for my baby girl when she was one, and I am so happy I did.  I didn’t do it when she was an infant because I failed miserably my first few attempts and didn’t think I could handle.  The real problem was that I just needed to know a few BASIC things to make diapering in this invaluable way successful.  If I would have had this Bummis Kit, I would have had all the tools I needed.

Potty Training And Cloth Diapers

My daughter was potty trained by the age of 2, and I attribute this to her wearing cloth diapers and not disposables which pull the wetness away from her body so she couldn’t feel what was going on.   But I made the heartfelt decision to switch to cloth diapers when I learned of all the dangerous toxins that make up a disposable diaper, and the dangers that this exposure causes for our children and our planet.

If you haven’t read our article that dissects disposable diapers, The Stink On Disposable Diapers, it is a must read!  Additionally, we have dissected Bummis Organic Cloth Diaper Kit for you below too.

Excellent Award Winner: Bummis Organic Diaper Kit

We are pleased to announce Bummis Organic Diaper Kit as our newest EXCELLENT AWARD winner!  Their integrity in their manufacturing practices and in the quality of this product is superb!

Bummis Organic Diaper Kit was put to the test by a mother whom has cloth diapered her baby with many different brands and styles of diapers.  So we were happy to have her detailed feedback for us.   The following questions are asked by us, and answered by her:

Do you feel that this is an affordable kit?

Yes, very affordable. I’ve spent $135 for five non-organic cotton covers & only five liners in the past.  Then I realized I need 4 times more, when my baby was born.   This kit includes everything I needed and are enough for 2 days.  This starter kit is definitely enough to start and the size was good for the recommended age.  Being an organic cotton product also makes this very affordable!

Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers Feedback:

The quality of the diaper is superb to any other diaper I’ve ever seen and I have tried many.   They wash incredibly well and they seem to have been made using the very best cotton.  They’re super strong and seem like will last a long, long time.  They are very absorbent.  I noticed that the diapers began to smell after I washed them a few times in the soap recommended by Bummis.  So I added baking soda to the wash and it removed the smell.  I also hand dry them out in the sun, whenever possible, to kill bacterial which causes odor to accumulate.

There is quite a bit of material here, making it a bit bulky.  But, we have been using them daily and it hasn’t deterred me from using them.

Waterproof Diaper Covers:

They are good. The Velcro is excellent – the best I’ve ever seen.  They are very study & will wear very well over time.  The colors are vibrant & fun to look at – my daughter loves them.

Flushable liners:

These are excellent, the perfect size & incredibly convenient – love them!  These are a must for keeping the diapers from getting too many stains.  It also make washing so much easier.  I think this is the answer to making cloths diapers more appealing to more people.  I think that if the word got out, (about the flushable liners) we would see an explosion in moms using cloths diapers. For moms who want to prevent their babies from being expose to the chemicals in diapers but they are afraid of dealing with the messiness of cloths diapers – this makes cloth diapering, virtually a no mess deal.

Reusable liners:

These are a BRILLIANT idea.  I absolutely love them and wish I had a few more.  I would definitely buy more.  They are perfect for keeping baby dry while we are out and about, especially while riding in the car.  They prevent rashes and stop the ones that are about to develop.  They should be in every home where cloth diapers are being used.

Bummis Green Manufacturing Practices

We asked Bummis about their behind the scenes work in keeping our planet green.  Here is our short Q&A:

Can you tell us little bit more about your manufacturing  practices.  Have you become more eco-friendly?   Using alternative energy, recycling, water conservation etc…

First we manufacture here in Montreal so definitely better than overseas in terms of employment conditions and pollution requirements.  We use hydro power which is renewable but still hydro…We recycle each and everything we can, from paper, plastic, fabric.  Our focus is first to reduce – least waste possible, second is to reuse – like back of every paper, third is recycle – if something can  be recycled, we do it.  We also support our community in many ways, see http://www.bummis.com/ca/en/about-us.php.

“We produce everything we can in our factory in Montreal, and we use North American components as much as is humanly possible. For the products and components unavailable to us here in North America, we work with our long-time, reputable partners in the UK and Pakistan. Everything – both manufactured here and imported – is tested for non-toxicity and also where relevant for good biodegradability standards. As soon as we were able to do so, we switched our cloth diapers to GOTS certified cotton. Even though our prefolds by the dozen are now slightly more expensive, we feel that it is completely worth it – both for us and for consumers. Using organic cotton further reduces the carbon footprint of using cloth diapers, and it protects everyone in the chain – from grower to sewer to baby. It also protects the earth from the chemical overuse that threatens soil, air, water and biodiversity, and promotes a more sustainable way of life.” -Bummis Founders

Bummis Organic Diaper Kit

Bummis Organic Diaper Kit comes in 2 sizes:  INFANT (8-15 pounds) and BABY (15-30 pounds) and sells for around $135.00. FIND A RETAILER NEAR YOU HERE or

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