The first time that my baby girl played with a wooden Kitchen Play Center was in a toy store. She just loved it and it kept her engaged in imaginative play for quite some time. This was when I realized how wonderful a Play Kitchen really is for a child’s imagination and creative play time.

Unfortunately, many toy kitchens are made of plywood, containing formaldehyde and toxic paints. On top of that, glues used to press woods such as plywood and particleboard together, give off additional toxic fumes.

Formaldehyde and other toxic glues are widely used in wooden play kitchens and other wooden toys. In small amounts, this toxic chemical can irritate your child’s eyes, skin and throat, and it can cause nausea and lethargy. In high concentrations and through long-term exposure, formaldehyde is a deadly carcinogenic substance.

That’s why we were looking for one of the safest, environmental-friendliest and highest quality kitchens available……. and SafBaby happily found this one!

The unsurpassed Guidecraft Kitchen Island Complete Play Center!

Creative Play With Guidecraft Kitchen Island Complete Play Center

Our children like to do what we do. Isn’t it so true? With their very own kitchen, it gives them a safe environment to “play” like us, with all the freedom to be who they uniquely are. What a fabulous way to explore, learn, and be engaged in an activity that will reap future benefits of future experience in the kitchen! And a fun way to plant seeds of enjoyment around nutrition, meal preparation, and clean up too!

I enjoy stirring-it-up with my little girl in her kitchen also. Not only do I love to bake, shake, and share with her, but I can also get work done along side of her as she plays endlessly and happily here too!

Unique Features Within Guidecraft’s Wooden Kitchen

Guidecraft’s wooden kitchen island features 5 major appliances in one attractive play center!

Complete with:

– Stove
– Oven
– Microwave
– Sink
– Dishwasher with removable plate rack

But that is not all!

This deluxe kitchen is designed with rounded counter tops which provide food prep and dish washing areas. A perfect place for her toaster, sold separately, which she loves too! And, this kitchen has turning knobs, silk-screened controls, acrylic windows on appliance doors and wooden shelves for loads of storage.

What else makes this Kitchen stand out above all the rest?

First the wood! This is a SOLID WOOD KITCHEN, made from Asian Hardwood. The wood is so natural that as you take it out of the box, you will be inhaling a little deeper to enjoy that natural wood smell.

The special (rubber) tree is grown for its sap, which is used to produce rubber. Historically the trees have been cut down and burned at the end of their productive life. Recently, however, the beautiful hardwood from these trees has been redirected and recycled into many wonderful uses. Guidecraft decided to use this wood to create many fine products for children.

Next, is the sturdiness of this piece of art! It is magnificently put together, better that any other we have seen. In other words, this kitchen will be the same kitchen your grandbabies will be playing with too!

Watch our ‘Product Review’ video here.

Manufactured in Thailand – Size: 44″H x 32″ W x 23.5″ D.
For Ages: 2 years and up.