Knowing now the dangers of fire retardant to our children, the thought of having my baby face down, or even face up, on a product that is riddled with these dangerous chemicals is frightening.

It is also unsettling to think that a mattress can be labeled “organic”, and STILL contain toxic hormone, reproductive, and neurological-disrupting chemicals. Yes, you read that one correctly. An “organic” mattress does NOT mean “free of toxins” or “natural.” (Something to loose sleep over when it comes to the product your baby spends over half of their young years on.)

You could be getting fooled by toxic marketing techniques! So, before you spend your money to keep your most precious angel safe and dreamy, read this!

Fire Retardant-Free Mattresses, Flame Resistant and Safe

So, since the term “organic” only really means “organic” in the food industry, we dug deep on this topic with mattresses. We had lots of questions and wanted to know the truth.

This is what we found out first. A mattress can be labeled as ORGANIC and still have these potential toxins stuffed inside:

  • pesticides
  • defoliants
  • formaldehyde
  • PVC
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) off-gassing,
  • fire retardants
  • polyurethane foam (a petroleum-based product),
  • and irritants such as sulfur or boric acid.

Yep, that is one long list of toxins that can hide in an “organic” mattress!

So, please don’t be fooled by toxic marketing techniques in this world of unregulated labeling. Keep your babe safe, spend your money wisely, and know what to look for when shopping for products, especially mattresses.

We’ve been doing research on ‘organic mattresses’ for over 6 months and finally found 2 companies we’re a 100% satisified with and proudly recommend our our site.

They use no chemical fire retardants but found a safe and non-toxic alternative to meet strict US fire regulations.

SAFBaby Approved Organic Mattresses Free of Above Toxins


Both Natural Mat and Naturepedic are two mattress companies (that we are currently aware of) that are totally non-toxic, healthy for your child and free of all of the above toxins.

We’ve not only tested both mattresses (we find them both incredibly comfortable), we also asked both Natural Mat and Naturepedic very important questions we needed answered before we could make this post.

There is so much misinformation out there, so the Q and A’s will hopefully answer all your questions as well and you’ll happily purchase one of the mattresses for your little one.

Natural Mat and Naturepedic Review and Q and A

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