What would you be willing to do to ensure your baby is safe from toxic chemicals? What we ask of you today is EASY! When it comes to the safety and well-being of our babies and children, lets not leave it up to the chemical industry to decide what is best!

California’s landmark bill, SB 1713, would ban bisphenol A from baby bottles and sippy cups, and it could be up for a vote as early as this afternoon.

The BPA bill is in trouble.
The well-funded chemical industry has been calling California households, advertising in newspapers, and lobbying legislators with misinformation about what the bill aims to do. Environmental Working Group has sent out a number of action alerts to their 38,000 person California list, but the chemical industry has more manpower at this point. And it’s starting to get the legislators.

Let’s stand up, and follow these simple steps (from EWG) to help in the Ban of BPA…

Tell Your Assembly Member to Vote YES on SB 1713 to Ban BPA

SB 1713 Talking Points:

  • I urge you to vote YES vote on SB 1713
  • I want my children’s food and drinks to be safe
  • BPA is harmful to children, even at low doses
  • Canada has banned BPA from children’s products
  • The chemical industry is waging a misinformation campaign about SB 1713 & BPA
  • California can pave the way for the nation in children’s product safety

Tell Your Assembly Member to Vote Yes on SB 1313 to Ban PFCs

SB 1313 Talking Points:

  • PFCS are likely carcinogens; induce breast tumors in animals
  • Persist in the environment forever
  • Linked to pregnancy problems and developmental complications
  • Migrate into food directly from the packaging, especially when heated
  • Found in more than 98% of Americans’ blood

Taking Action to Ban BPA

Here’s the action page we’ve used, recommended by the Environmental Working Group, with talking points and a link to help CA residents find their rep’s contact info: https://votesmart.org/bill/7941/22178/perfluorochemical-pfc-ban#.VhDawKQSPrg

It’s so easy, simply type in your zip code and they will direct you right to your Assembly Member.

Time is of the essence! Let your voice be heard and help us take a stance of keeping our children safe from dangerous chemicals that cleverly hide in places they should never be!

Use our ‘Email This Post’ link at the top of this article to help us spread the word! Act TODAY, and THANKS FOR CARING.